Business Partnerships

Some of my ventures to date:

  • Auditing & mentoring for SALSA now including Food, +Cheese, +Beer & Storage & Distribution.
  • Completing LabTRUST audits with over 30+ companies and assisting them to continue their LabTRUST certification.
  • Bread Manufacturing assistance with BRCGS9 Technical support – Corporate and SME.
  • Major Food Machinery companies’ trainer and advisor to assist with Food & Beverage sector growth.
  • Local Mill and Farms technical support to ensure continuation of their SALSA accreditation.
  • Poultry Slaughter and processing – installation & continuation of their SALSA system & accreditation.
  • Driving more than one Vitamins & Supplement manufacturers through start up, commissioning and onto GMP and BRCGS accreditation.
  • Covering the technical manager role in a major cake business to ensure continuation of BRCGS Food accreditation.
  • Working with a major Development Company as an external consultant owning and running some key new products through from concept to launch.
  • Driving a Food Haulage company from start up to BRCGS Storage & Distribution accreditation and enjoying helping them continue their success.
  • Gin & Beer Industry – Installation of SALSA systems & accreditation.


  • Working on 8+ businesses gaining or continuing SALSA & BRCGS accreditation within 2022 into 2023.
  • Completing LabTRUST audits for Eurofins (a major certification body). This has now spread to many companies outside the UK so enjoying the chance to travel as well.
  • Completing various SALSA audits and mentorships for SALSA including Food, +Cheese, +Beer and Storage & Distribution.
  • Becoming BRCGS9 Food and BRCGS Storage & Distribution approved Auditor.
  • Increasing connections with Food Works SW and the Food & Drink Forum to promote new food businesses in the South of the UK.
  • Introducing New products directed at manufactures premises in local area.
  • Active member of my local and regional Chambers of Commerce.
  • Promoting local charities through my business.